Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pics of previous work

Well, I made 10 cards for a basket I am donating to the hospital for a fundraiser they hold annually for employees. I would post the cards, but most of them were VERY CASEd from people on SCS! So needless to say, I don't want to upset anyone by posting my version (OK, but not as good as the original) or their work (beautiful! Why else would I CASE it?)
So to make up for it, I'm going to post some other stuff.

This is a candle I made for a workshop I did in July. I LOVED the color combo. I got the combo from It is Only Orange, Glorious Green, Chocolate Chip, Real Red, and Apricot Appeal. NOT something I would have picked out myself, but I liked the way it looked when I did the "surprise me".

This one I made for another workshop that ended up getting cancelled (I seem to have that happen a lot....). VERY simple, but I REALLY like the way it turned out!

Now this card was kinda a case (saw the layout, but I changed it). I made 10 of these for my god-daughter who came to visit this past April. Her name is Laura (hence the L). I used the Polk Dots and Paisley stamp set for the background (I wouldn't suggest coloring on the stamp when you have multiple cards to make! LOL). I colored in the area in the paisleys with a white gel pen. Color combo is Green Galore, Ballet Blue, and So Saffron.

Now this card I just wanted to try something I had seen on SCS - making a flower with the paisley from Polka Dots and Paisley. This is nice, but not my favorite. Color combo is Tempting Turquoise, Green Galore, and Pink Passion (one of my favorite combos).

This is a layout of my daughter at Easter that I did recently. I LOVED the way it turned out! Simple color combo - Basic Black, Whisper White, and Yoyo Yellow. Most of the doodles are by hand - once I got started I couldn't seem to stop! LOL The flowers are from Delight in Life. I thought they gave it a nice touch and blended in well stamped in Whisper White Craft ink.
Just a couple more! These last 2 are a couple layouts I made to show a stamp's versatility. For the USA one, I stamped 3 Big Blossoms - Real Red, Gold, and Brilliant Blue - all craft ink. Then I cut the flowers out and layered them. Then I cut the petals into strips (not all the way in, but close). Then I "roughed" them on the edge of my table. I added the metallic strips in red and blue and punched out a stamped star from Starstruck. The rest of the layout is pretty self-explanatory.

This last one used the same technique as before, but I made a sun out of it. There's a yellow button in the middle. The only thing I would've changed on this one is I think I should've used 2 different colored flowers for the sun instead of 2 of the same color. What's great is even though the Big Blossom is retired (SO SAD!) Stampin' Up! gave us Pick a Petal which can be used in a similar fashion!
Well, it's getting late! I hadn't planned on writing this much, but my computer FINALLY decided to let me into Blogger, so I thought I'd better take advantage of it while I could! I hope to post a LOT more this weekend - Michael is letting me scrap WITHOUT the kids this weekend! YEAH! We'll see how that goes....

Monday, September 10, 2007


I just finished a piece of the most delicious pie in the world! LOL It is called an Everything Pie or Fruits of Indigo Pie! Michael and I got it on Labor Day from a farm on the NC/SC border called Indigo Farms on our way back from our terrible vacation. They put everything in the pie - strawberries, rhubarb, apple, blackberries, etc. VERY yummy! One bite will be sweet, then the next is bitter, but STILL yummy!

Anyway, on to the cards! These are a couple of cards I made for some friends who are expecting (these are 2 of about 10 ladies I know who are expecting!) The top one went to my friend who just found out she's having a girl. She herself isn't very girly, so I didn't want to give her anything fru-fru - the nursery wall is brown, pale green, pale yellow, and pale blue. I don't know what the other lady is having, but wanted to let her know I was thinking about her! I think both cards turned out VERY cute.
I think I'm going to venture into changing the colors of my blog to something different than the preset templates soon. GASP! I KNOW! Can you believe it?!? LOL I think I'm going to use the RGB colors for some of the SU colors to create a fun look!
Well, it's getting late, so I'm going to bed! Hope to see you soon!

Monday, September 3, 2007


I'm amazed! LOL Someone saw my little ol' blog! Well, now that I know someone's looking (I have NO CLUE how to add a counter or add those SUPER pretty backgrounds and features), I thought I should post another card and change things a bit :D SO I've added a picture of my daughter and mother sitting on the front of the boat. I KNOW summer's almost over, but I want to remember the good times!
Speaking of which, I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL and memorable Labor Day! Mine was horrible! We went camping to a campground we'd never been to. It was DIRTY, there was a DEAD SQUIRREL on the site next to us, my camera decided it didn't want to cooperate (so I have NO pictures of our trip - kids in the ocean, swimming, NOTHING), we canceled ALL outdoors plans because it was supposed to storm all weekend (couldn't cancel the trip without loosing the entire cost, then NO storms, just cloudy!), the sewage hose for the camper split (so Michael got sewage sprayed ALL OVER HIM!), the kids were terrors (OK, more Angelo and less Emma!), and we went to a place for dinner that ended up being WAY more than the other similar places in town because Michael thought they'd be cheaper! So pretty much if it COULD go wrong, it DID!
Anyway, this card is one I made recently for a demonstrator Christmas card swap. I liked the technique on page 34 of the Stampin' Up! Fall/Winter Collection 2007, but the color combo on page 36. So I gave it my all and this is what I came up with!
Forgive me for not posting more cards. I'm "shy" when it comes to my designs. My mother likes them, but then, she's partial! I'm going to try and do better. I have 2 "Congrats on your pregnancy" cards sitting on my desk right now. I need to scan them in and post them because they turned out really nice :D I'm just scared that I'm going to post something that I saw MONTHS ago SOMEWHERE and not give the original designer proper recognition....... So I'm going to say now, I visit SplitCoast Stampers and like to look at blogs. If you see anything here vaguely similar to your own and I didn't mention you, I am SO sorry! Let me know privately and I will remove it or give you recognition.
Well, Michael's asking me to go down to bed, so I'll end my ramblings for the night. Hopefully, I can get on again soon to post more.